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If you have yoga or golf home-instruction needs, I have partnered with two of the best companies in the world at online trainings: GaiaTV: Yoga For Athletes and Tathata Golf: 60-Day Training Program.

Tathata Golf: 7-Day Free Trial

Use Promo Code: yogagolfcoach for a discount off the membership fees when signing up for 7-Day Free Trial.

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About Me

I teach yoga.

At 14 years old, I began my yoga practice in order to improve my balance, strength & flexibility for golf.  Even at that young age, the science of yoga made logical sense to me.  While yoga initially did help me hit the golf ball farther, it has blessed me with a love for life that I didn’t know was possible. Continue reading “About Me”


Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is everywhere.  Let me say that again.  Sacred geometry is everywhere. What does this image evoke in you when you look at it? What do you see first? Can you see how the Yoga Golf Coach logo is based on this same shape and design?