Know your frequencies are being protected. It’s all about how we vibrate, and how we receive/send vibrations. Q-Link is pioneer of this technology.

Q-LinkĀ® Products ā€“ Proven, Natural, Trusted

Q-LinkĀ® products are a simple, natural, and proven way to improve well-being, performance and quality of life. We are celebrating more than one-quarter century as the worldā€™s most popular, best loved and trusted human energy product!

How Q-Link Works

Powering all of our innovative products is Sympathetic Resonance Technologyā„¢ (SRTā„¢), our proprietary crystalline core that helps return the body to a clearer and more balanced natural state. From the Latin root word resonare, to resonate literally means “return to sound”; so when two physical objects resonate sympathetically, just like two similar tuning forks, their resonant frequencies amplify each other. Q-LinkĀ® products are programmed with an array of natural frequencies that engage and amplify the very same frequencies that are believed to compose and support the human energy system. The resonant effects of wearing or using Q-LinkĀ® are like the energizing experiences we feel and recognize in natural environments, when meditating or participating in other positive, self-restorative activities. Healthy resonance has been shown to lead directly to general improvement in well-being, better physical and mental functional performance, and a more positive perceived quality of life. Q-LinkĀ® is undoubtedly the finest product of its kind and we welcome you to learn more about our products through the genuine experiences of our customers.