A Guide to Conscious Living

WATER • drink it.

AIR • breathe it.

FIRE • be passionate.

EARTH • eat from it.

ENERGY • go outside.

This is a simple guide to living a conscious and healthy lifestyle. By drinking water, breathing clean air, being passionate and engaged in life, eating nutritious food from the earth, and getting outside to connect with nature and stay active, you can improve your overall well-being. Remember to also practice self care and manage stressors in your life.

  1. Water: “Drink up and stay hydrated, mind, body and soul 💦 #seeitsimply #water”
  2. Air: “Breathe in, breathe out. Clear your mind and renew your energy 🌬️ #seeitsimply #air”
  3. Fire: “Let your passion burn bright and ignite your soul 🔥 #seeitsimply #fire”
  4. Earth: “Ground yourself and connect with the earth. Nourish your body with its bounty 🌱 #seeitsimply #earth”
  5. Energy: “Get outside and soak up that natural energy. Recharge and rejuvenate 🌞 #seeitsimply #energy”