Best Putting Drills to Improve Golf Score

  1. The “Gate Drill”: Set up two gates (or use alignment sticks) about six inches apart and putt through them. This will help you focus on your aim and path.
  2. The “Distance Control Drill”: Set up tees at different distances from the hole and practice hitting your putts to a specific spot, rather than just aiming for the hole.
  3. The “One-Hand Drill”: Putt using only one hand on your putter to improve your feel and touch.
  4. The “Clock Drill”: Imagine the hole is at the 12 o’clock position and practice hitting putts to different positions on an imaginary clock face.
  5. The “Pressure Putt Drill”: Practice putting with added pressure, such as by putting for money or by using a shot clock to simulate a pressure situation on the course.